Microbiology Department

Microbiology Department

Name of Operation/Investigation Charges in Rs.
Gram V staining 10.00
Ziehl-Neelsen staining 10.00
Smear for C. diptheraiae 10.00
Peripheral blood film for malarial parasite 10.00
Cytology of various body fluids exudates and pus etc. 10.00
Stool for ova & cysts 10.00
Culture of various body fluids exudates pus, semen, swabs, stool etc, with or without sensitivity 52.00
Blood culture for all bacteria and fungi 82.00
Water for bacteriological analysis 30.00
All serological investigations i.e. VDLR , ASO, Brucellosis, pregnancy test, hepatitis B antigen, C- reactive protein, widal, toxoplasmosis, Amoebiasis 20.00
Casoni test 20.00
Slide test for Toxoplasma 50.00
Dengue capute ELISA 1 gm 180.00
Hepatitis B ELISA 20.00
Hepatitis C ELISA 80.00
Hepatitis D ELISA 250.00
IHA test for Amoebiasis 80.00


  • Maharaja Agrasen Medical College
          Agroha (Haryana)
  • 01669-281100

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